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Our Key Features

The right ERP software combines all the data in one ERP system. The one stop shop for your Kitchen & Bath business.

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Customizable and Flexible ERP Solutions

KABS software is for small and medium-sized businesses. You can manage all the information about your company's customers and products with one software.

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Efficiently manage all your company's relationships and interactions with leads, customers and vendors. Help sales, marketing, and support teams.

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An exclusive kitchen and bath ERP system developed to streamline your entire business operations.

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2020 Integration

KABS integration with 2020 allows you to quote and order products seamlessly with the manufacturer. Understand and measure progress towards success of your business.

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Cloud Based

No installation. No server. Access your business from anywhere on any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Sales Management

Improve productivity with streamlined processes and stay ahead. Monitor your sales process to win more deals, and increase your pipeline.

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Manage your inventory digitally across multiple locations and completely streamline your fulfillment process.

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Spend more time growing your business and less time sending bills. Monitoring and managing usage and operational costs

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Messaging & Networking

With instant messaging, group chat and much more, bring your team and their conversations together in one place.

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Job Management

Robust functionality so you can track projects from start to finish, log notes and attach documents to every job in a safe place that can be accessed by any team member.

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KPI Reporting

Our insightful dashboard gives you a holistic view so you can make informed, effective decisions.

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See exactly what's being ordered from suppliers, the itemized list and cost, and where and when to expect delivery.

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Cloud Based

You never have to worry about expensive hardware, expensive updates, or a power outage.

ERP System

You can view, search, and centrally manage physical and digital assets. Set unlimited categories for the inventory classification

Mobil Access

Ability to communicate in and out of the workplace. greater access to services. improved networking capabilities.

Customizable ERP

Adjust KABS software to your specific needs. Describe your own business process

Sales reporting

Generate reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales.

360 degree customer view

Get the right information at the right time, location-independent and mobile!

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Pre-Sale Process

Everything you need to land more jobs and create more accurate estimates.

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