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The Employee Journey – Free Webinar

Description: Creating a Journey that is reflective of the Company’s Culture and Core Values The “Amazing” Journey for Attracting and Landing Talent The First 90 Days Personal and Professional Development Living the Culture and Core Values

Blueprint Information Session

Hampton Inn 1100 E. Interstate 20, Arlington

Get ready for an insightful exploration into the Current & Future View of the K & B Industry. Thad Whittenburg will delve into a Dealer’s Guide to Financials, KPI’s, and Real Profitability, offering valuable insights for sustainable success. 🚀 Explore […]

The Impact of AI on the Kitchen and Bath Dealer Channel (Part II) – Webinar

Understanding how AI will change the way K & B Dealers operate their business Shift Towards On-line Sales & Marketing Collaborative Intelligence – Partnerships & Ecosystems Market Saturation – The impact of Increased Productivity. Consolidation – Acquisition, Multi-Retail Specialization – […]