The Employee Journey is Your Brand

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “employee journey”? Sounds a little like “customer journey” but they were somehow able to change just one word that has now tossed it into the “Twilight Zone.”  (I love using references that the younger generations have to look up. It makes up for thousands that I need to learn the meaning of!) Let’s just agree that the “Employee Journey” hasn’t always been top of mind.

I was recently out and about doing a seminar for K & B Dealers and asked the question pertaining to the “Employee Journey.” “Do you know what one is, and do you have one?” Paralysis must have set in from the turkey sandwiches they had at lunch because all the hands laid very still. No surprise there. We are all on a journey, and the cool thing is, you learn tons of stuff along the way instead of all at once. So, no worries! We got this…

I should take a quick step back and surround this enigma with some perspective. HBR (Harvard Business Review) just came out with an article called, “Transformations That Work.” It points out that roughly 50% of large organizations have gone through at least two major “change shifts” in the last five years and 20% have gone through three or more. So, your first question would be, “two major changes in five years, doesn’t seem like that much to me.” So, my question would be, “how many major changes has your organization gone through in that time frame?” Plead the 5th…. Lol Your next inquiry might be, “those are large corporations you are talking about which really doesn’t apply to our small-medium Dealer business channel.” My cultured reply, “oh contraire my little spring chickens, it certainly does.”

Haven’t you been paying attention to how disruption works in an industry? Excuse me for being direct but in this story the “Big fishes” gobble up the “smaller ones.” These “Change transformations,” are exactly what small businesses should be focused on. I have learned over time, that if I don’t throw out a little gobble up, then the reader stays more passive. Yell “shark in the water,” and it will hopefully stir up enough energy and activity to help avoid extinction.

 So back to that employee journey, and I’m going to make this as simple as possible so that when you really think about it, the light bulb will go off.

  • The owner/manager’s journey is directly manifested in the employee’s journey.
  • The employee’s journey is now reproduced in the customer’s journey.
  • The customer’s journey is out on display, by the way they express their stories to other potential customers. Kapish?

What does all this mean? If the story from your customer to others, isn’t “awesome,” then you have missed a great opportunity to connect with them and create a raving fan! Why didn’t the customer express exuberance about the journey they just had with your company? Maybe it’s time to buy one of those “” kits so we can follow the DNA fingerprints back to the source. ha-ha I think we know who that will lead to, the person who you hired, trained, and provided tools to is the same person that took care of that customer. So yes, even if you haven’t met the customer personally, they have learned a lot about you through their experience with your company.

Do you think your “employee journey” might need a little nourishing and attention? Well only if you want to improve the brand that your customers are describing when telling others.

The fact of the matter is that 50% of your customers should be giving you at least two referrals that end up purchasing from you. That would mean that if you did $1,000,000 in Retail during a year, those sales should hit your books over the next couple of years, so yes, in summary, you can help grow your business like crazy.

If, and only if, you get passionate about what kind of awesome journey that you are going to provide for your employees!

I’m getting long in the tooth again, so I see Part II on the horizon, but we’ll leave you with two things.

The first, “what does your hiring journey look like?” That’s from the initial contact to the interview and beyond. Would a potential employee leave that hiring process and go tell others that they’ve just experienced possibly the best interview by a company they have ever been through? If not, how do you expect your team members to create an amazing journey for their customers when they haven’t seen it firsthand within their own organization? Go figure??

The second thing is, how about we go on an adventure for about an hour and really dive into the subject of employee journeys and how you can create one that will equal or surpass the experience you want your customers to have. It’s gonna be a fun time and we will cover loads of steppingstones that will help you develop an incredible employee journey of your own.

Hope to see you then! Thad

Be bold and take action!

The Employee Journey – Free Webinar May 14th at 12pm EDT