Kingdom vs Leandom

Happy Hour Is Over

Last Call for Leadership

At long last, someone rang my bell, and I started seeing more clearly again. Not actually an uppercut to the chin, (which surely has crossed more than one person’s mind) but they said something that brought some light to a concept that needs a reset every now and then.

It’s the idea that you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. Can you think about someone you know like that? I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut, it isn’t you. Of course not, you are of sound mind and body and open to change. Unless of course, it means you have to change. Whole different story, right? 😊

So here is the dilemma we all face. When the shoe doesn’t fit anymore, is it time to retread or toss them? They may hold some sentimental value, but they aren’t the ones you want to pack for the next journey. No sir!

The journey you will be going on is one where you can’t take all that old baggage. Why? Because you can’t afford to have it slow you down. You are going to need to travel light so that you can move forward and change quickly.

So back to what she told me. “Stop pulling your hair out because if they are happy with where they sit, then let them. Keep forging forward and stop having the same conversation with the same people over and over again to no avail.”

Whew! It was nice to be able to unpack that one and leave it by the side of the road. Every teammate, leader, and company needs to make that decision sooner than later. Is this the right Dealer I should work for? Or the Dealer asking, are these the people that will be a good fit for our future? That goes ditto for the Dealer and Suppliers. Look around and decide what changes need to be made. It might not be overnight but start the process. This is where someone says, “She must have really smacked him hard because I think he is losing it!”

Oh contraire, my single digit audience! The writing is on the wall. Take the journey alone or with the wrong partners and you will be eaten by lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!

On the other hand, pack all the right people, partners, and networks…and that yellow brick road will lead you to the promised land of Oz & a crazy amount of success! Just leave all the flying monkeys behind!!

Trust me on this one because that yellow brick road is going to be under some serious “disruption construction.” Probably a good time to be teamed up with other people and organizations that have learned adaptive skills and understand the power of a network/ecosystem.

So now the main course has finally arrived, and it’s better served up as simply as possible. Drum roll please…

What companies or group of companies are going to experience the most success over the next 5 years and why? Let’s explore a couple of models and see what shakes out of the tree:

Model: One or Two Locations/Independent Dealers

  • Benefits: Small and Flexible. Easier to control culture and communication.
  • Downside: Limited Resources in terms of collective intelligence and a digital network. Low buying power.
  • Forecast: Cloudy
  • Synopsis: Some will do fine who really emphasize a focus on the customer experience. Being small and having that warm homey feeling associated with your brand, certainly has its advantages. I’d guess that a fair number of these Dealers will get acquired or decide to sunset.

Model: Multi-location Dealers/Chains 3-300 Showrooms

  • Benefits: Standardization, processes, metrics, brand, marketing, training, buying power, and some digital integration.
  • Downside: Too many layers, slow moving, may not embrace intelligence networks (too big for your britches syndrome. Been there, done that) Culture challenges. Lose touch with customers.
  • Forecast: Partly Sunny
  • Synopsis: It’s tough because of it being a mixed bag. Wren Kitchens will probably keep growing mega-stores with the hope they can average 15 million plus a year out of each location. They have deep pockets and will be around for a while. You will see some successful models that have great leadership that can actually execute on their strategies. Then of course, the others that lack infrastructure or a strong culture will start to lose market share along with their funding and be sold or close. Happens almost every time with quick expansion.

Numbers count.  People are literally licking their chops when they look at our industry. Two things butter it up.

  1. Huge financial upside! Hold just a 2% piece of the pie and you just went over a Billion in Sales!
  2. The competition- A very fragmented distribution channel that seriously lacks technology, systems, and measurements.

Who wouldn’t want to set up camp in an industry that has pretty much stymied change for the last 30 years? It’s the low hanging fruit that these investors see, and I don’t blame them.

Except, just maybe, by a strange chance, that the “Leandoms” are going to end up laying waste to the “Kingdoms” in this “Battle for Market Share”……  and these disruptors will be small but strong! Led by fierce entrepreneurs. Agh!

On a serious note, too many times we have witnessed the scenario that has played out in other industries at the expense of the small Mom & Pop stores. How many local hardware businesses do you see these days? I think we all get the point.

But this time, what has happened in the past, is NOT going to roll down that same ole path.

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”  You didn’t see that one coming, did you? 😊

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