How Good is Your Company at Change?

I think I’ve decided to start leaving out the word “leadership” when writing blogs or doing seminars. Why you ask? Probably because the majority of leaders in our industry would be more interested in hearing about the proper way to open a can of beans than learning more about leadership. That might be a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

I recently did a seminar for about thirty local Dealers and asked the question “What do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face in the future?” I always get the same kind of answers when I ask that question, Technology, people, prices, etc. The list goes on and on.

*BTW, I applaud like crazy that these people took the time to come and learn. Also, that CNC Cabinetry sponsored their new Blueprint program to help Dealers gain insight to the future and how they will need to adapt to it. What a cool idea! True partnerships!

Okay, back to the ballgame. My response is always the same when it comes to our biggest challenge. Yup! Me and you…what? How can that be? Say it ain’t so! Well friends and neighbors, it is! The faster you can get your head around that, the better.

My next question to the group was, “How many of you had any customer service training for your people over the last year?” I think you already know the answer…. zippo! Not one hand went up. I bet if I had asked a question like, “How many of you plan to win on service?” I’d see every hand in the house go up. Is it just me or did you happen to catch the disconnect there? I would also bet that the leaders there were hoping to get around to it, but it never happened.

You wonder why I blabber on about this subject but it’s only because leaders need to understand that if they struggle with change, the chances of them leading it are slim to none….and slim… poor slim…..just got run over by the Progress Parade. RIP.

This also pertains to designers, salespeople, customer service etc. Why? Because you are going to be the tide that sweeps out the ships and leaves the remaining ones on the rocks to fend for themselves. That my friends is going to be the driving force behind the disruption that our industry is headed for. Don’t believe it? How about this stat: About 30% of the workforce in the USA will change jobs every 12 months.

Wow! And where do you think, the best ones are going to land? On the old ship or the new one? Try running a business with a lack of talent. Rots of ruck with dat! And who do you think will be building these new Dealer luxury liners? It’s most likely to be the leaders that not only understand the following to be true but are planning to act on transforming their company:

  1. The future of your business will depend on its ability to change quickly.
  2. The road ahead will be difficult if the leadership fails to embrace change and takes a “wait and see” mentality.
  3. The leaders will need to create a culture and build a team that can help drive transformation within the organization.
  4. Self-aware Leaders will need to turn the reins over to someone else if it’s not part of their wheelhouse. Amen!
  5. That it will be hard to change anything without the full support of the team!

So now you need to consider the most important question…. Can you do it? If not, can someone on your team take the point position on leading change? If the answer to both these questions is “no,” then it might be time to find someone who can. Of course, the first thing that crosses your mind is, “Can I afford to do that?” and the response that comes back should be, “Can I afford not to?”

We are going to linger around this subject long enough to get a loitering ticket, but everything sits atop a pinnacle right now. If you are slow to move, then everything else doesn’t really matter. It’s that important!

How about I leave you with two questions to start your next team meeting:

  1. How many of you believe we will need to change a lot of things around here over the next 3 years if we want to stay ahead of the game? (What do you see? Excitement or skepticism?)
  2. And now the big one…Who in this room is excited about helping lead these changes?

Is it quiet as a mouse farm or do you see a lot of heads nodding like it’s the kickoff of the Tay and Trav Superbowl?

Okay, now it’s time to start planning what changes you need with the help of your team!

Back in a week with an outline of some next steps to get this puppy rolling!

Remember: “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” ~Rupert Murdoch

It’s time to buy some new running shoes! 😊 thad

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