Kitchen and Bath Disruption Part X

And the Winner is…. Emotional Intelligence! The Road Less Traveled

You are probably thinking, “I have been reading your 9 other Disruption blogs religiously 😊, and you end with some hocus pocus jargon?? Oh God, someone push me off a cliff” Me thinks I know a volunteer but let’s press forward for now.

Yes, I could’ve taken you to the last page of the book straight away but what would be the fun in that? The math is quite simple when you step back from the chaos and decipher how things will play out. Asking easy questions is usually the best way to break down complex ecosystems. So, who will be the winners in the future? Leaders that keep pushing the organization down a well beaten path or those who choose the path less traveled?

The path less travelled is going to require more work, energy, and resolve compared to the one that everyone else has been on so long that it’s made permanent ruts in the road. It’s pretty much on autopilot. So, the next question is, which type of Leader will go right (known) and which will go left (unknown) at the fork?

The Leader who wants to keep their ego – prints, I mean fingerprints on the outcome of the business or the one who just wants the business to succeed? Now everyone should take pride in what they accomplish but a business/company/organization is not a painting. It doesn’t come with one signature at the bottom. That’s why Leaders without self-awareness and emotional intelligence will not choose the path that is unknown and out of their control. They would rather hold onto the handles and steer the ship towards familiar waters.

Therein lies their comfort zone and so be it. A lot of K & B owners are getting to a place in life that looks much more like a sunset instead of a new dawn. That’s the great thing about choice. Go right at the fork and it will start out easy and then slowly (or not so slowly) get tougher.

I spoke with a good friend and past co-worker, let’s call him Marcus, the other day who told me he had just read all 13 Disrupter blogs and had some thoughts he wanted to share. (He was on a roll, so I didn’t have the heart to tell him there were only 9 so far). He said, “I’ll bet a lot of people don’t care for what you are saying.” And I replied, “I hope not”. If most of them agreed, then I probably failed at the mission. If my message is, “Don’t worry, even if you don’t change your approach to business, you will still be okay”. A lot of people would like to hear those words to set their minds at ease, but it’s just not true. I am waving the red flag high and fast for those who are missing the signals. So many times, my arms are getting tired.

Then it dawned on me, and I reminded Marcus of a saying that a wise old man told me, let’s call him Peter D. He said, “Thad, you can’t teach a fish to fly so stop trying. The amount of work that it takes to flip one halfway out of the water is very time consuming. Focus your energy with the ones that really want to fly! The people that can humble themselves with the fact that they don’t know it all and have a lot of work to do. Mainly on themselves!”

 Keep this next part in mind because it’s really important and is going to set the level of success:

  • The journey of the Leader is reflected in the team member’s journey.
  • The journey of the team member is reflected in the customer’s journey.

 Just think about that for a second…It’s a lesson that I relearned last week. I was frustrated about the fact that we screwed up our survey that we sent out after a webinar. This was the second time that happened!  Then of course I went down the rabbit hole of the blame game. Who is going to be accountable for the mishap?? How could this happen again? And then more blah, blah, blah until I realized whose fault it was. Yep! Mine. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That stupid question came to me…again! What else could YOU have done to avoid it happening? Argh! Why can’t I just be a hypocrite and tell others one thing while not heeding my own advice? One simple thing came to mind, what if I just said this to the team after the first time “Well, I think we can all agree that we certainly don’t want that to happen again, so what do you suggest we do next time?”. Responsibility, accountability, and ownership. Bingo, bango, bongo! Problem solved.

It would’ve been so easy to do, and I missed it. Then when it happened again, I went on the witch hunt only to find that I was the one left holding the broom! (I am fortunate though that one of the team members, we’ll call him Davy, did take the “that was on me, I should’ve done xxx first”

Okay Blabber Mouth has run on too long again and I didn’t even get to the second tale that involves some new ocean creature called “Navy Seals”. Any who, Disruption X is about the door of future success. When you open your mind to new possibilities, the key appears, and the door magically opens!

Summary bonus round next blog – Disruption X Plus.

Until then:

Be Bold!

You are Captain of your ship and Master of your fate!


Happy Thanksgiving! thad