Become a Mecca for Talent

Mecca-nisms – Words describing a company that consists of mecca-like qualities that will attract and retain top talent like a fat kid to cake. (Sorry Charlie…First–this isn’t the PC Channel; and second—have you seen me? I LOVE cake!)

So, I wake up every morning and feel like I should paint my face, slip into my jersey, load the truck and head off to watch the most important critical match-up between companies these days. Who can keep their talent while raiding the other company’s roster? Ding! Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Not a day goes by now when I don’t hear about a designer/salesperson moving to a new home. This exchange has always been in play but the way it’s ramping up these days has been downright impressive. This trend is only going to increase over time as certain businesses embrace Mecca-nisms that separate them from the herd. 

I have touched on this subject several times, so I am going to keep this short and sweet. When an existing or potential team member is describing your company, you should hope that they are using Mecca-nisms like: 

Flexconnect – Think Stretch Armstrong coupled with Crazy Glue.

How would you describe the flexibility and tools that the company provides its members? 

Is there some freedom when setting up their work schedule? 

Do they have up-to-date laptops along with access to your systems when they are remote?

Does the company provide an extra screen, keyboard, and mouse that can be put to use when they are off-site? 

I can’t begin to tell you how critical this component is to your employee offering.

The second Mecca-nism is processes and systems. No one is leaving their current team to run off to a place that still embodies the old way of reasoning.

Demanualize ‘n Systematize – Think Fred Flintstone transforming into George Jetson.

Have you ever met a spreadsheet you didn’t like?

Do you have overflowing file folders that need codebreakers to decipher them?

Are your systems like a large family gathering? Communication Meltdown!

Stop riding your brontosaurus into town and get yourself a hoverboard.

All kidding aside, people in interviews are actually asking about your technology. They want to know that you are ahead of the 8-ball.

The third Mecca-nism pertains to vision, culture, core values, and the all-important team-member engagement.

Encultment – Think Where the Wild Things Are vs. The Magic Kingdom

          Does your team think that Core Values are an Ab Workout?

Is sharing ideas like farting in the room? Everybody makes a face and then ignores you.

When you discuss individual engagement, does everybody ask about the ring?

Truly, this is still the foundation of a great business. People become passionate and energized when they are part of something that has a purpose along with consistent core values that align with their own.

The fact that they are recognized, appreciated, and listened to is one of the strongest bonds that are built within the organization.

The time has come to say goodbye for now…I suddenly have a hankering for cake. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?